Peachtree Plaza Hotel - Atlanta, GeorgiaThe Whalen Company specializes in casino and hotel applications requiring heating and air conditioning systems for new projects and as replacements for existing properties. Each product provides significant installation and operational advantages to the owner, architect, engineer and contractor.

Today our efforts remain focused, undiluted by the product proliferation so common in our industry. Our success has attracted many imitators through the years, but none come close to the depth and breadth of the Whalen experience with these types of systems.


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Fan Coil Units


Diversity - Several types of fan coil and heat pump systems to meet all applications when placing a hole in the building is not an option.
Design Flexibility - Offering solutions to architects, engineers, owners and contractors that enable Whalen fan coil units to fit the uniqueness of their projects.
Quality - Rugged construction, low maintenance, reliable performance
Aesthetics - Aluminum grilles, small footprint, quiet operation
Energy Efficiency - Designs that allow theater to realize operational savings when part load conditions are present


Water Source Heat Pumps


The Series VI, aline of vertical integral water source heat pumps, combines a highly efficient modular unit with an economical central system. First designed and introduced by The Whalen Company in 1972, the Series VI offers many technical, economic, and aesthetic advantages.


Energy Efficient
Lower First Cost
Removable Chassis
Quiet Operation


Efficient Air-Conditioning Upgrades in Older Hotels


Owners install vertical riser heat-exchanger fan-coil units and water source heat pumps to maximize comfort, cut costs, and minimize customer disruption.

More and more, owners of hotels and motels are facing a problem quite common with older buildings. It is time to bring these buildings up to modern standards? How much renovation and modernization will be necessary to keep an acceptable rate of occupancy?

Buildings of the 50's were, of course, designed with then contemporary equipment and features of the period. Since energy was cheap, there were few energy-conservation concerns; windows were single pane and most often air conditioning systems consisted of recessed units directly under the windows.

Through the years, energy costs have escalated and other major maintenance problems have worsened. Windows in older buildings are developing water leaks and exterior brick walls show the need for refurbishing. In addition, as new air-conditioned buildings go up, competition for tenants becomes stiffer.


Equipment Options For Upgrades


Two-Pipe Units with Fan Cycle Control
Two-Pipe Units with Face and Bypass Damper Control
Four-Pipe Heating and Cooling Units with Face and Bypass Control
50/50 Four-Pipe System
Water Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners