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    Whalen Heat Pumps

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    Are you looking for a unit that offers design flexibility, provides a lower installed cost, reduces maintenance, and features like aluminum grilles for a superior long-lasting appearance? The Whalen Company is your only choice. Today our efforts remain focused, undiluted by the product line proliferation so common in our industry. Our success has attracted many imitators through the years, but none come close to the depth and breadth of the Whalen experience with this type of unit.

    Manufacturer Certified to ARI as Complying with ISO Standard 13256-1Series VI is a proven concept in air conditioning any type of building... advantageous for both new construction and the renovation of apartments, condominiums, hotels, senior living facilities, dormitories and office buildings. It is our belief that a unit manufacturer should offer equipment that is flexible enough to meet the design of the building in lieu of forcing a building to conform to limitations of the equipment. This philosophy is not limited to physical size or optional accessories. The Series VI is capable of performing at entering water temperatures of 60 degrees - 95 degrees F and at 40 degrees - 100 degrees F with the addition of an extended range package.

    How It Works

    Heating Mode
    In the heating mode, hot refrigerant flows through the air coil. The heat pump supplies warm air to the conditioned space.

    The heat added to the room air is removed from the water flowing through the coil, plus rejected compressor heat.

    Cooling Mode
    In the cooling mode, cold refrigerant flows through the air coil. The heat pump supplies cool air to the conditioned space.

    The heat removed from the room air is transferred to the water flowing through the water coil.

    Heating Mode Cooling Mode
    Illustration of Features and Benefits


    Supply Opening
    Left, Right, Front, Back and Top Combinations. All supply openings are painted black to block the view into the unit and when one unit is used for two rooms, a sight baffle is placed between the two grilles.

    Supply Grille
    Aluminum construction minimizes future maintenance and eliminates oxidation that can be caused from condensation‹ Single or Double Deflection with or without an opposed blade damper

    Supply/Return Risers
    Provided to meet the requirements of the jobsite. Custom lengths can be provided to meet the exact floor to floor dimension of the project. Risers are factory installed and piped to ball valves within the cabinet.

    Riser Cover
    Galvanized steel protective cover is standard to avoid damage during shipping, handling and installation

    Ball Valves
    Shut off valves with hose bib (GHT) connection

    Fan/Motor Assembly
    Plug-in type; easily removed through the return air opening Insulation High density with thermal and acoustical properties

    The galvanized monocoque construction permits the direct application of plaster or drywall

    Refrigeration Chassis
    Removable-floating design with insulated compressor compartment and vibration isolation

    Water Hoses
    Connects chassis to the supply and return water piping. Isolates compressor sound from the building piping system.

    Inner Service Panel
    Removable for access to unit control wiring and internal piping

    Throwaway or permanent

    Drain Pan
    Covers the entire unit bottom Thermostat Low voltage; plug-in or remote mounted; manual or automatic changeover; electro-mechanical or electronic

    Acoustical Panel
    Standard and flush mounted design with hinged door to allow filter removal without the use of tools

    Return Air Grille
    Aluminum with standard or removable core capabilities

    Unit Tagging
    Each unit is individually boxed and tagged with factory and customer supplied information. Whalen units can be tagged with specific room numbers, riser numbers or any special requirement of the project.



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