Not Cooling:

This is probably the most common Summer-Time Complaint!

First things first. Please check all of the obvious things before calling for a service-call.


Is the thermostat on "cool" and turned down below room temperature?


Is the Power on to the indoor unit? Did you check the breaker?


Is the Power on to the outdoor unit? Did you check the breaker?


If yes to these, is the outdoor unit running?


If no, see if the outdoor unit has a red reset button and push it.


If that didn't work, see if you have a condensate pump at the indoor unit. If you do, some pumps have a safety switch that shuts off the outdoor unit if the pump overfills and fails to pump. So check the pump to see if it is working.


If that wasn't the problem, back outside at the unit there usually is a disconnect box mounted on the wall. Some of these have fuses or a breaker inside. If there is a breaker, make sure it didn't trip. If there are fuses, they should be checked. But please do not attempt this unless you are familiar with working with electricity.

After having checked all of these things and your unit still isn't running, now you can call for service.

If your outdoor and indoor units ARE RUNNING but not cooling, you will most likely need to make a service-call.

Below is a list of possible causes.

Low refrigerant charge

Refrigerant flow-related problem - restriction/bad metering device
Poor efficiency- needs cleaning and servicing
Bad reversing valve
Bad compressor valves
  • Clogged air filter
  • Outdoor coils blocked or very dirty
  • Open windows/poorly insulated
  • Closed vents
  • Humidifier running