Heat pump never shuts off, runs all the time:

If you are experiencing this problem in the cooling mode during the summer, you should probably call for service. This is mostly a winter-time heating complaint.

Just like the previous complaint of the heat pump blowing cold air, sometimes the customer just thinks it runs all the time because they aren't used to a heat pump and how they work. In extremely cold weather, a properly working heat pump will run almost continuously. That is the way they were designed to work.

Now, if it isn't extremely cold and suddenly your heat pump just seems to run all the time, this indicates a problem. Along with this usually comes a high electric bill, lower supply temperatures, and sometimes icing of the outdoor unit.

Below is a list of possible causes.

Undersized equipment and/or ductwork

Low refrigerant charge

Refrigerant flow-related problem - restriction/bad metering device

Poor efficiency- needs cleaning and servicing

Bad reversing valve

Bad compressor valves

Compressor not running

Running in A/C mode

Outdoor unit iced-up because of a malfunction

Supplemental heat not working

Outdoor unit iced-up - weather related

Snow drift against outdoor unit

Outdoor unit not running

Thermostat set too low

Cold return temperatures - example: air handler in attic and the return trunk disconnected from unit, pulling in cold attic air. Unit in basement with a basement return and open windows or a flapping dog door stuck open.

Return duct leakage

Poorly insulated house, air leaks