Humidifier not working:


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"Humidifier not working" or "It's too dry in here" are very common complaints during the winter months. More times than not though, the problem is something the homeowner can take care of without calling for service.

In fact, many times the problem is something the homeowner did, like turning off the humidifier at the end of last heating season and forgetting to turn it back on again. Or forgetting to open a damper or open a water valve. Homeowners often forget that humidifiers need to be cleaned frequently. If the water panel or pad is clogged, the unit will not humidify properly.

Below is a list of possible causes and things to check.

  • Clogged water valve
  • Clogged orifice
  • Bad 24 volt solenoid valve
  • Bad 24 volt motor
  • Bad humidistat
  • Faulty or shorted wiring
  • Float not working properly


  1. Humidistat not turned up high enough
  2. Water valve not opened
  3. Bypass damper not opened
  4. 115 volt unit not plugged in
  5. Completely clogged water panel or pad
  6. Wheel/humidifier pad installed in motor backwards
  7. System taken apart from previous season
  8. Water level too low