Acadia™ vs Geothermal Systems:

Acadia™ vs Geothermal Systems

The Acadia™: Geothermal Efficiency, Fossil Fuel Comfort, Air Source Installation Cost

The Acadia™ from Hallowell International is the first air-source heat pump that can operate with efficiencies similar to a geothermal system without the need for trenching, digging or drilling in the yard. Until now, the only way to achieve operation this efficient has been to install a geothermal system. There is a new alternative that will save you money on both the operation AND the installation.

With the roller coaster oil market, many homeowners are seeking a viable alternative to their fossil fuel burning furnaces. In the southern United States, air source heat pumps have proven to be a reliable and effective means of reducing the use of fossil fuels. They are simple to install and provide the required heating for the mild climate. A typical air source heat pump can provide efficient heating of a home at outdoor temperatures down to about 30°F before they can no longer maintain the needed heat output and need to turn to a significantly less efficient and more expensive backup. This is why air source heat pumps have not been an appropriate heating system in the northern United States; we regularly see temperatures fall below 30° and those inefficient backup systems become expensive to operate.

So, what options do you have other than fossil fuel? You are most likely familiar with the geothermal type heat pumps. This system takes advantage of the constant ground temperature to effectively and efficiently heat and cool your home. A geothermal type heat pump requires trenching, digging or drilling in your yard for proper installation. In some cases, the geotechnical properties of the site are not appropriate for a geothermal system. In others, the expense of installing such a system becomes prohibitive.

There is now another option. The Acadia™ does not require an inefficient backup system. As a matter of fact, it continues to operate and provide heat even when outdoor temperatures fall as low as -30°F. This means that you can continue to heat your home efficiently (without the need of a backup heat source) no matter what temperatures Mother Nature throws at you.

Even better, the Acadia™ has delivery air temperatures up to 120°F. That warm comfort that you are familiar with from your fossil fuel system is now attainable from the Acadia™, without the need to burn fossil fuels.

In addition to high efficiency heating, the Acadia™ also provides high efficiency cooling. No more installing bulky and heavy window air conditioners; you’ll now have home-wide cooling for those hot and sticky days.

An environmentally responsible and energy efficient heating and cooling system is now affordable. Energy efficiency is now in your price range and you won’t need to sacrifice years of efficient operation because of cost prohibitive up-front installation costs.

The Acadia™ from Hallowell International is the answer you’ve been looking for.


  • No digging, trenching or drilling required
  • Up to 1/3rd the installation cost
  • All System Components Above Ground and Accessible
  • Low Upfront Cost = Shorter Return on Investment
  • Delivery Air Temperatures Up To 120°F
  • 3 Stage Heating / 2 Stage Cooling