Acadia™ vs Electric Resistance Heat:


Acadia™ vs Electric Resistance Heat

When most people think of heating their home with electricity, they think of electric resistance heat. Common forms of electric resistance heat that are found in homes across the country are typically electric baseboard and electric furnace heaters. As you have probably heard from someone who’s used this form of heat, it can become extremely expensive to operate, even in areas with very low electricity rates.

What is the difference between electric resistance heat and using electricity to power a heat pump? It’s actually very simple: electric resistance heat uses heating elements similar to those found in your toaster as a heat source whereas a heat pump uses compressors to capture the heat in the outdoor air and transfer it into your home.

Comparing the two systems comes down to one thing: efficiency. Electric resistance heat is constantly 100% efficient. This means that for every unit of electricity you put into your system, you’ll get one unit of heat out of it. On the other hand, the Acadia™ operates at efficiencies from about 200%-400%. There is a tremendous difference in operating cost when comparing the two systems. Here’s an example:

An average home will require about 100,000,000 Btu’s/heating season. To get this amount of heat from an electric resistance system, you would be using about 29,291 KWH per heating year. At a cost of 10 cents per KWH, this would lead to a cost of $2,929 per year.

Now let’s take a look at the Acadia™. To get the same amount of heat from the Acadia™, you’ll need to use approximately 10,849 KHW per heating season. Using 10 cents per KWH again, that’s a yearly heating cost of $1,085.

The bottom line:

That’s a savings of 67%.

There is now an option for using reliable electricity to heat your home without having to spend large amounts of money every year. The Acadia™ will keep your home warm with reliable and efficient use electricity.

  • Three Times as Efficient
  • No Resistance Heat Required
  • 60% Less Electricity Used
  • Acadia Provides Both Heating and Cooling

*Based on $0.10 per kWh as compared with electric resistance heat. Yearly heating load assumed to be approximately 100,000,000 BTU. This is intended as an example only. Various factors including but not limited to home construction, insulation and home location will determine actual savings over other heating systems.