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Click Here to learn more about Duct cleaning from the EPA

Many people do have allergic reactions to pollen, bacteria and dust mites. Allergies including hay fever and asthma affect 41 million Americans or about one out of six people. A Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner will rid your air of up to 95% of these allergy irritating particles.

Improving Indoor Air Quality has become a major concern. Besides having your air ducts cleaned, consider upgrading your air filter.

For more information on  air filters and air cleaners, visit our Accessories page.

The EPA has a large section on duct cleaning on its Web site

Residential / Home Air Duct Cleaning

                            The Problem Before and After;

Do you know what lurks in your home air ducts; any idea what it looks like?  Did you realize that during the building process of new homes all kinds of debris can be put into the ductwork?  Not only is there drywall and saw dust, but many different contaminants will accumulate over time.  Through the normal everyday living process in your home, your ductwork becomes a holding cell for pet dander, dust, allergens of all sorts, dirt and even mold spores.   Everyday your family breathes air that is continually re-circulated through this contaminated ductwork.

The Solution;

Air Duct Cleaning by Boston Environmental & Pro Air

Industry standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) is to have your air ducts inspected every 2 years.  Depending on your location and the conditions in your home, air ducts need to be cleaned every 4-8 years.

By having your air ducts cleaned regularly, you will improve the healthiness of the air your family breathes as well as help maintain your heating/cooling system.   There are many advantages -  extending the life of your heating/cooling equipment, eliminating costly service calls and reducing energy bills to name a few.  Our technicians are able to access and thoroughly clean your entire duct system by using mechanical cleaning methods.  You can always count on the Boston Environmental & Pro Air Satisfaction Guarantee to be assured you receive the best service in the Air Duct Cleaning Industry.

Duct cleaning involves cleaning the air vents that move air from your central air conditioner throughout your home. If your air ducts are dirty, that dirt is circulated throughout your home and into the indoor air you breathe. The dirt is also pulled through your central air conditioner, which can strain the unit and decrease the efficiency. In addition, some duct systems contain mold, mildew and microorganisms that are also circulated through the home.

Professional duct cleaning can remove these hazards from your indoor air. However, it is important to note that not all duct-cleaning procedures are equal. We like to say, "beware of the bargain duct cleaner". Many duct cleaning companies use inferior equipment that simply brush the dirt around or pick up the dirt closest to the vents with a low power vacuum. Make sure the duct cleaner you choose uses top quality HEPA equipment and guarantees source removal in their process. In addition, a full home duct cleaning should take several hours and cost between $400-$750 dollars on average. If you see a bargain duct-cleaning offer, they are more likely to clean out your wallet than your ducts.


truck2.gif (2326 bytes)Benefits of Duct Cleaning

         Breathe cleaner air in your home

         Relief of symptoms related to poor air quality -allergies, coughing, & sneezing

         Less dust in your home and on your furniture

         You're A/C will run more efficiently reducing the cost of operating your system

         Effectively eliminate disease-causing bacteria, molds, virus and fungus

         Go to http://www.epa.gov/iaq/pubs/airduct.html  to learn about duct cleaning

         Call Boston Environmental 617-361-0700 today for a free quote. (Prices start at 400.00)


A strong truck mounted vacuum is placed on the air duct system and then all trunk lines and feeder lines are scoured to remove all dust, mold, mildew and fungus. This debris is removed directly from the system to our vacuum - with no mess and nothing left behind